Musings on Nicknames

Two intertwined fingers hugging with faces painted on them.

Let’s see, what theme should I abide by. I’ll go by the random thought that popped into my head today.

A great solution and great summation of how my mind works these days: paving through chaos by giving in. Chaos being the arbitrary thoughts I have and giving it organizational control by way of having it decide my topic.



I usually get a delicious thrill when you pass that imaginary line with a newfound friend and BOOM.

You’ve just been given the pleasure of having your name either made a creative diminutive (Sonia–>Sonz) or into some mutually absurd inside joke. It’s a delight!

It’s so endearing and such an underrated rite of passage.

As with all such intimate delicacies (where do I even come up with this phrasing??), I feel like it would be difficult and rather sinful to try to be insincere about it.

I feel like nicknaming someone stems from a genuine like for the other. A “cuteness” that you make tangible with a title.

And though the “bros” (or stereotypical macho guys) try to hide it, I know beyond that charade & bravado of catcalling one another’s  surnames (i.e. “Hey, Wachowski, get over here!) lies an unshakable bromance.

Two guys at a party, hugging and showing brotherly affection.

Ciao for now.


Sonia Lipov

My purpose for the blog is to create awareness, in all its forms. I approach all topics with humor but don't let it detract from the essence. I hope that you read or watch each post and take a moment to ponder its meaning. And if you want to engage in conversation, I am SO there.

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