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A line of scrabble tiles spelling "millennials."

Graduation. First job. Living with parents?

Two of the above make me a full-fledged adult. But why would I question the third?

Most millennials find living with their parents the most cost-effective thing to do. What with the loans & debt. But, by a very fortunate circumstance, the aforementioned reason does not apply to me.

So why do I do it?

And, why do I even question the fact that I live with my parents?

Maybe because I’m a millennial.

What’s a Millennial?

A millennial is anyone born after 1980 and before 2000.

Ok, so how does that make you special?

 Hey now, I never said it did.

 …and this is how most conversations go between the older generations and millennials.

Millennials get a bad rep and a lot of buzz for good reasons. Here are the most common complaints (that I agree with):

  • flighty
  • coddled
  • given awards for showing up
  • helicoptered
  • catered to by 24-hour TV cable networks
  • self-absorbed

A millennial girl taking a selfie with a glass of wine in her hand overlooking a lake.

Yesss, I knoooow. I’ve heard it many times over.

But, like Sam Tanenhaus says in his article for the New York Times, we’re not “an entitled generation but a complex and introspective one — with a far higher proportion of nonwhites than its predecessors as well as a greater number of people raised by a single parent.”

Woohoo! But wait, how does that matter?

 Well, we grew up around hardship. We grew up with 9/11, the great floods, the Great Recession, and hackers; we know that our grasp on real and virtual life is tenuous at best.

So we improvise.
We improvise because we are skeptical.
And we’re skeptical because we think doing things the tried and true way doesn’t always….work.

So then why do I want to live with my parents? Just because generations did before me? Or because other millennials are doing it? An irony within itself…I know.

But I guess it all comes down to taking a fresh look at the way things are done.

 See? When it’s worded like that, us millennials don’t seem so fool-hardy, right?

All in the perspective. Speaking of, here’s a satirical compilation of millennials defending why we’re the way we are:



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    Ahh, finally. A reason to your madness! 😛 Also, that vid is soooo snarky!!

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