The Most Natural, Home-Made Cure in the World

A child practicing the most natural cure: laughing.

Heh. Hehe. HAHAHA.

I’m only slightly weird.

So I’ve been posting all these fun videos about laughter therapy.

Why, Sonia?
What is the meaning to all these fun videos?
What is the meaning to fun?
What is fun?

Sorry, couldn’t resist some melodrama.

What it all comes down to is…

Humor Therapy

It’s all-natural. It’s completely home-made (or wherever-you’re-laughing-made). And it’s exactly what you think.

You hire a comedian to act as your therapist? No.
You go around telling jokes to make yourself feel better? Sure.

Here’s a cute little powerpoint I made for my Psychotherapy class in college. Now, follow along please…


Sense of Humor

In slide 3 (told you to follow along), I mention that humor is a sense.

Ever wonder about that? Why it’s called a sense? Because you have to work at developing it and sensing it, in yourself, and others.

I’m sure you’ve met that person. You know who I’m talking about.

The weirdo with no sense of humor.

Ok that’s harsh. Maybe they just had a different style from you. But that’s just it! By george, we’ve got it!

Everyone has their own style. And those styles will change over time.

I know that personally, I’ve always skewed towards sarcasm. But as a teen, it used to be a little more biting and cynical. Now, it’s more witty (if I do say so myself) and self-deprecating.

And if you weren’t blessed with a funny bone? Fake it.

The groups and clubs that meet up for laughter therapy, like in cancer wards, will have participants fake laugh until it becomes real.

Humor Can Be Found Anywhere

Take that, vitamins. (Note: Not saying you should stop taking vitamins.)

You could literally find the humor anywhere, anytime. Which is why it’s the best medicine and the most natural cure out there.

Humor is a sense, right? So use your other senses in tandem.

  • Look for the funny: headlines, tv shows, animals doing weird things.
  • Hear the funny: peoples’ conversations, phone calls with friends, the radio.

Once you start looking through that lens, you’ll have to teach yourself how to stop laughing. Not the worst thing in the world.

Benefits of Humor Therapy

In slide 4, I mention internal jogging, along with the other, self-explanatory benefits of laughter. Some of those benefits are very similar to the ones I mentioned in my post about swearing. Hmmm, perhaps that’s why humor and swearing tend to go together!

I figured I should explain myself on internal jogging though:

People jog to be healthy. That’s external jogging.

People laugh to be healthy. That’s internal jogging.

That was quicker than I thought it would be. Let me show you a video on what humor therapy looks like to make up some time:

History of Humor Therapy

In slide 5, I mention the therapeutic alliance. This is something I talk about in my post on therapy’s brain benefits. It just means the safe and trusted relationship formed between you and your therapist.

Imagine how much more fun of a relationship that would be with laughter involved!

I also mention surgeons distracting patients with humor. This is true. And it also makes sense.

If laughter relieves pain…well, anesthesiology would not be a career, nevermind. But if doctors used it starting in the 13th century, I’m guessing patients aren’t complaining.

Norman Cousins and Annette Goodheart were definitely not complaining. Norman experienced “laughter recovery;” laughing and indulging in all of the positive emotions associated with humor resulted in his recovery from a fatal disease.

Dr. Annette Goodheart was one of the pioneers of humor therapy. That’s how she recovered from the demons of her past. She was one of the first to create a framework for humor therapy and devise techniques to harness the natural power of laughter.

How does Humor Therapy Even Work?

Well, if you’re a visual learner, watch the video above. If you’re an auditory learner, listen to this NPR interview.

A laughter therapist or coach might have you start with some lawnmower exercises: warming up with chuckles, and making way for full, belly laughs.

Or sessions might be in groups, where you can engage in some playful, funny interactions.

Or, just take matters into your own hands and devote yourself to daily doses of devilishly, dastardly good humor!

Either way, humor therapy is definitely one of the most natural, fun ways to go about life.

So, get to laughing! Feel free to use my blogspace as your humor dose. My laughter therapy video series will last…forever. And I’ll try to post videos/images that appeal to different styles.

Laugh on!

*The link in slide 1 is this video.



Sonia Lipov

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  1. Ron says:

    This is like your expertise! I remember every time we had a major laugh attack – you always were like ‘we’re getting such an ab workout!’ Woo! You’re following your passions girl! 🙂
    p.s. I love seeing your old homework haha – it’s like now I know what you’re up to when we weren’t hanging out in college!

    • Sonia Lipov says:

      Vertical!! No sleeves!! Now that you reminded me of homework, I should dredge up the stuff that the british prof had us do. Although not sure the analysis of victorian texts would flow with what I’ve got going here…haha

  2. Sonia Lipov says:

    Nope, not possible! Unless you start a laughing epidemic like these guys –>

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, very true. Is it possible to laugh too much though…because I have that affliction…

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