Venting & Journal Therapy

A notebook and some crumpled papers, indicating some serious journal therapy going on.

Disclaimer: Journaling is a proven form of therapy. I warned you.

In my prearranged word document full of topics I could potentially ramble about, I had written college.


Not the traditional response, I know. But I was never one for tradition.

Why such a splendid sentiment, Sonia? (I enjoy my fair share of alliteration, apologies in advance).

Well, the reason is probably because of the high expectations I had held of my so called “prestigious university.” It’s globally recognized as an elitist school and I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else.

How arrogant of me!

Nonetheless, I can’t help but realize that no matter the location, teenagers remain exactly that: teenagers.


College is for…drinking?

Assume all of the preconceived, negative connotations revolving around that word, and you’ve got an idea of my daily interactions.

I’m being a bit close-minded. I am acknowledging it. I am choosing to pursue it.

Because sure, for each his own; I relieve stress by playing sports and watching good movies. They relieve stress by drinking and getting high.

But excuse me if I act a little pretentious and say, WHY?

Really? Drinking solves your problems? And I know that people in college don’t judge you for drinking or not, but I’m definitely judging people if they drink, or smoke, or some other disgusting and unhealthy habit, (cough cough I mean crime cough cough),they’re committing.

It is a crime…on their bodies.


Yeesh, have all the tolerance you want. But when you’re old, don’t be complaining about all your health problems.

Honestly, I take pity on the people that drink to get drunk or escape reality. That’s mean, but it’s the truth. I think it’s a degrading habit because it devalues the person.

Everyone needs some more positive psychology

Each person has their own set of flaws and strengths. However, I believe in positive psychology all the way and prefer to look at each person’s strengths and the value they bring.

Because everyone has value. Everyone.

So when a person indulges in such self-defeating habits, they aren’t giving their strongest, highest self the benefit of the doubt. They’re going for the easy way out.

You are strong enough. Smart enough. Loved enough.

Beautiful enough. Happy enough. Funny enough.

I can go on.

Anyways, my approach to drinking is always a personable yet firm No thanks. I don’t drink because I’ve lost all my inhibitions already. It’s true!

That’s one of the top reasons I get from people when I ask why they drink:

  • It’s relaxing
  • It loosens my inhibitions.
  • It’s what everyone else is doing

Well then. If drinking is a relaxing and engaging activity…I can be quite relaxed by doing other things!

  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Dinner with friends (SANS ALCOHOL)

I dunno. It’ s just… I thought in college we’d be more mature about this sort of thing. Funny that I’d think that, right? Absurd really.

College is where you let loose!

Live out the days of your life!

Weird, I thought it was about self-development and higher education. AND, the pettiness and cattiness of high school is still existent, lemme tell ya!

College is clique-y and conformity rules

College might seem like, everyone is new, everyone meets everyone.

Uhhhhh, not exactly.

Cliques are quite the thing.

So, I guess my expectations of this utopian, friendly world of college are yet again dismantled by human nature. Human nature being the blinding conformism, de-individuation, and in-group bias we all have.

And it’s tough breaking out of it. It’s tough to go against what everyone else is doing. But, here’s what it comes down to:

It’s no fun being just a number.

Fortunately, I’ve found a few like-minded friends. But I have not found my niche.

Journaling and therapy

Ok, off my chest. Now let me help you. Here are some introspective, journaling exercises I found to help you get through some tough, existential crises:

-Write a letter. To someone you know, yourself, a deceased parent. Vent it out.

-Fill in the blanks to some open-ended questions and find some clarity:

  • The thing I am most worried about is…
  • I have trouble sleeping when…
  • My happiest memory is…

-Practice some stream of conscious writing. Whatever comes up, let it.

Ciao for now!



Sonia Lipov

My purpose for the blog is to create awareness, in all its forms. I approach all topics with humor but don't let it detract from the essence. I hope that you read or watch each post and take a moment to ponder its meaning. And if you want to engage in conversation, I am SO there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Diatribe! Tirade! But yes, I see where you’re coming from. And I like how you acknowledge you’re being judgy. 🙂

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